Guildford City Sea Angling Club

Trip Reports 2010

Wednesday 29 December 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

Nasty cold, foggy and a bit drizzily with an easterly to put off the fish. Well we tried our best inshore but all that turned up were a few small whiting, one pout, a couple of dabs and a pout. Even the dogfish were not feeding (where have they gone this winter?). The few boats that were out were moving about in the fog, searching for fish (we did not see much of them, but we could hear them and Glenn was watching them on the radar). Buddy Cairnes, representing our junior section showed us how to do it though. Not only was Buddy's pout judged to be the biggest fish (his dab was probably the second largestr) he also tied with Peter Talbot for the most species (3)
[Report by Jim]

Sunday 18 December 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

This was to be our last trip with Steve as he has sold the boat and is moving to Spain - end of an era for the club - Steve will be sorely missed especially during the bream season.
Unfortunately the trip was cancelled to to horrible weather so we did not ewally get a chance to say a proper "Goodbye"
So Farewell Steve (and Sarah) - enjoy your new life abroad."

Saturday 11 December 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

Not warm, just a normal December day with a little breeze. The target agin was cod and whiting but there were no cod. A few whiting turned up although they were not exactly plentiful, and there again most of us wre using big baits, hoping for the cod. Pout and dogfish were about and there were also two rays ((a 7lb 4oz Thornback and a 3lb 14oz Spotted).
The biggest fish was a surprise 9lb 14oz pollack for Nigel Cross and the most species (4) was taken by Warrem Slatter.
[Report by Jim]

Saturday 27 November 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

Cold with a brisk East wind limiting the options it was decided to head out toward the Nab Tower rather than hide in the Solent. The sea conditions there were reasonable although we all appreciated our foul weather clothing, especially when it started snowing. Tea and coffee flowed all day and there was a steady stream of fish.
Those who targetted the whiting were pretty successful finding quality fish up to the 2lb mark, but only Alan Whittaker , who persevered with a large bait all day, managed to tempt a cod. Five species were recorded, of which most people caught three - dogfish, pout and whiting.
Alan not only managed to get the only cod (15lb 4oz) but also the only poorcod of the day (on a 6/0 pennel rig!!!!) to give him most species (4) as well as the biggest fish.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday 21 November 2010 - Weymouth - Tiger Lily (Chris Caines)

Ten club members and one guest were aboard and we went off past the Bill (21 miles) for some mixed fishing, All the normal winter stuff turned up, dogfish, pout, whiting, and poorcod. There were also Conger (to 24lb), a three-bearded rockling, a pollack, a couple of late mackerel, a 10lb bullhuss, a ballan wrasse, and two smoothhounds (1starry and 1 common) making twelve species in all.
Biggest fish to Jim (Conger) and Roy and Mick shared the most species with a score of six each.
Another good day and a mention must be made of the latest improvements to the boat, the new engines and props definitely make it quieter and smoother running and as for the new ducted cabin heating system - well!!!!!!.
[Report by Jim]

Saturday 20 November 2010 - Weymouth - Tiger Lily (Chris Caines)

Two of us decided to get an extra days fishing before the rest of the club members turned up. We can recommend the Monarch Hotel as a B&B, Pat and Gib do an excellent "full English" and a very good packed lunch. Chris made enquiries on friday night and his crew from North Devon were kind enough to allow us to join them for the day (THANKS LADS). There were loads of fish caught, mostly whiting and dogfish with a scatter of other species.
We both managed lots of whiting and some dogfish and while Mick had a grey gurnard I got a mackerel to make us even on three species apiece. Of the two of us Mick had the largest fish (2.5lb whiting).
[Report by Jim]

Wednesday/Thursday 17/18 November 2010 - Lymington - Voyager (Kevin Duell)

Two of us went down to Lymington for the Cod Championship. Just let us say that glory was not for us. We were lucky enough to be drawn on Voyager (used to be called Sundance when it was Roger Bayzand's boat). Nice cat, good skipper who kept the tea flowing and supplied sausages in rolls. The weather meant that both days of the comp were fished in the Solent and fish were so scarce that on both days there were several boats that failed to find any cod at all. The weather was horrid (cold rain and wind). Of the two of us Peter Thatcher did the better on both days, actually catching pout and dogfish while I only managed a few pout on day 2. A well organised competition though.
[Report by Jim]

Saturday 13 November 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

After a very bad forecast 2 days earlier, the weather on the day was still and calm. We wemt to the Cuba Banks which are about 17 miles out from Langtone. The fish came on straight away with conger, whiting, dogs and pout.
Biggest fish, a 28lb conger, was caught by Peter Talbot and Mick Doody had four species.
[Report by Mick]

Sunday 7th November 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

A strange sort of day. Cold and a fresh North to North-east breeze.
First we anchored the reef for cod and caught very little then after a very unproductive couple of hours or more our sharp-eyed skipper, who misses very little, said "I've been watching those gulls over there, they might just be getting each other going BUT we are not doing anything here - do you boys fancy trying for some bass?".
Well we didn't have to be asked twice. Off came the bottom gear and on went the lures. It was sloppy there were tackle boxes and gear sliding all over the place BUT we did get the bass. An hour or so drifting and chasing the birds gave us plenty to take home.
Then back on the anchor, which kept getting jerked out, so after another hour or so of unproductive "interrupted slow drift" the decision was mage to try drifting inshore with the worms for dabs and the like. Nice flat sea but no flat fish but it was much better not catching in comfort there and right at the end of our one long long drift, just before we had to pack up for the day four nice tub gurnards came over the gunwales. So as a disapointing cod fishing trip turned into an outstanding bass day. Sometimes it turns out completely different to the plan but better than you could hope for. Well done Steve!
Biggest fish - 3-way tie with bass of about 5lb - Roy Hebburn, Sam Lane and Pete Talbot.
Most species (4) - Chris Goddard.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday 24th October 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

A great trip. The weather forecast was favourably wrong; the Force 5 northerly never got above Force 3 and the sun shone all day. A bit chilly but what do you expect late autumn!
It was a big tide and the fish fed all day with the Bream being available consistently, although they proved troublesome to those hoping for a Cod with big baits! Two early bite throughs caused consternation but heavier traces soon identified he culprit(s) as marauding Conger, 4 were brought to the T bar, the biggest weighing an estimated 33lb to Dave Ball. The kennels were also open but in all 10 separate species were recorded but none of the hoped for Cod. Nicely sizeable Whiting, Pollack, Thornback and Bass were taken along with Doggies, Scad and Mackerel. None of the Bream went above 2 lb but the majority were takeable and provided excellent sport. All aboard thoroughly enjoyed the day and were complimentary on Steve's tea making although the two coffee drinkers showed there appreciation by spraying the deck with it - never leave your cup on the bait board!
Biggest fish. Conger 33 lb to Dave Ball.
Most species 5 shared between Mick Doody, Roy Hebburn and Peter Talbot.
[Report by Roy]

Saturday October 9th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

The day was booked as a bass trip and Glenn also suggested bringing along a few worms to target the plaice during the slack part of the tide. Ten club members turned up and off we went. There was a 20 knot easterly forecast and the foreecast was not far wrong. First stop was for the plaice rag and squid was the bait and the first plaice was quickly aboard. It was encouraging but a bit misleading as the plaice were seriosly outnumbered by the dogfish and small bream although a couple of smoothhounds and wrasse also turned up as well as a two bass on the plaice baits.
Having re-anchored when the tide turned, as soon as Glenn judged there was enough flow we move off to drift the banks for bass.
Success, bass on the frozen sandeels and on the artificial sandeels (10-12 ft trace and 3oz leads).
As the tide slackened again, a final hour on the anchor produced the biggest fish of the day (a blonde ray) and a few more bits and pieces.
Another good days fishing on Valkyrie.
By the end of the day we had boated a fair selection of fish:- twenty-nine bass (up to 5lb), three smoothhounds, a dozen or so bream, a few dogfish, five plaice, two ballan wrass (one was nearly 3lb), a topknot blenny and a blonde ray.
Roy Hebburn was the man of the day with the most (six) species and his 7.5lb blonde ray was the biggest.
[Report by Jim]

Saturday/Sunday October 2nd/3rd 2010 - Weymouth - Tiger Lily (Chris Caines)

The first day of the weekend. We had watched the weekend weather forecasts all week in mounting uncertainty and varying amounts of alarm as at various times the wind speeds for the weekend were being estimated. At various times it was supposed to be 26mph (Southerly) on Saturday and nothing on Sunday and then within hours 12 mph on Saturday and 30mph on Sunday.
Friday evening found most of us down at Weymouth and a call to Chris gave us the good news that the forecast was excellent light winds Saturday and even less on Sunday.
Seven-thirty on Saturday morning found eight club members and two guests on the boat and armed with all the tackle and frozen bait that we could possibly require, packed lunches supplied by the Monarch Hotel where eight of us were staying, and unbounded optimism. Safety briefing, a few words about the facilities and the tackle set-up and we were off.
On the way out rods were sorted out for the guests (some of the members had brought along spares for the purpose and Chris also carries loan rods/reels and also end-tackle aboard Tiger Lily). Our crewman Royston explained and set up the gear for the less experienced.
First stop, a couple of drifts along by the Bill where we loaded up with fresh mackerel for bait. A little ride out to a deep mark, one Chris favours as a great one for variety "you get all sorts here, bream, conger, maybe undulates and tope, even occasionally turbot". It was a slow start but after about twenty minutes the first pout appeared and then another and then it really came alive, An undulate and then a bull huss then another undulate, a conger and another, then a bream..... The day continued with quality fish coming in steadily all day with short unproductive interlude during the slack.
We never moved, we did not need too, Chris was right when he said "you can get almost anything here" we had twelve species, lost very little tackle and had a great day.
The bag for the day was a score of bream (mostly over 2lb with the biggest 3lb 7oz), dogfish, pout, three double figure undulates (up to 16lb 5oz) all returned, tope to 35lb, bullhuss to 10lb, scad, loads of mackerel, ten conger eels, and a poorcod and a red gurnard and an 11lb turbot.
Biggest Fish. Robin Whitewick, Conger 45lb
Most species (9) Mick Doody.
On the way in the internet was consulted and the forecast was very little wind for the following day BUT Sunday seven-thirty saw us on the quayside in a more pessimistic mood. Overnight the forecast had changed to force six to eight southerly and it was already quite breezy. All the boats were staying tied up for the day. Nothing for it, unload the tackle from the boat and head home.
Thanks to Chris and Royston for a great day and also a mention of and Pat and Gib, the new owners of the Monarch Hotel (early breakfast and excellent packed lunches!)
[Report by Jim]

Saturday September 18th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

One of those lovely September days when it starts off chilly and warms up just enough to discard the heavy jacket and enjoy a nice day at sea. We arrived armed with boxes of ragworm to target the plaice on the mussel beds (its no good running out of bait when the fish are feeding). A couple of drifts confirmed there were a few present and then the anchor went in.

[Record Dover Sole] [Trigger Linda] The plaice came in steadily while the tide was running and there were also a few unexpected fish.
Peter bought aboard a dragonet and Chris a tub gurnard.

Great excitement when Linda hooked a "plaice" which turned out to be 2lb 1oz CLUB RECORD record dover sole (no dover soles ever having been recorded by the club before).
Only minutes later Linda was again surprised by, this time by a "bream" which turned out to be a nice triggerfish of about 2lb. Linda was particularly pleased as she was a very doubtful particpant, having almost missed out on the trip, due to illness during the week. [Record Red Mullet]

Then it was Roy who boated another club record, this time a red mullet of 1lb 7oz and also another triggerfish.

After the tide turned there were only a few more plaice and a surprise smoothhound.
Although this was a plaice trip there were eleven species caught, the bag for the day was -
Lots of small Bream, one dogfish,one dragonet, one tub gurnard, one mackerel, one red mullet, three dozen plaice (up to1 lb 15oz, one smoothhound, two triggerfish and lots of ballan wrasse including one of 3lb 4 oz.
Biggest Fish. Jim Grant, Smoothhound 4lb 14oz, Biggest plaice (which took the money) Dave Musgrove
Most species (5) was shared 3 ways by Mick Doody, Jim Grant and Roy Hebburn.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday-Tuesday September 5-7th 2010 - Minehead - Aly Kat (Dave Roberts)

[Minehead Crew][Dai Trigger] Alan Trigger] Just like last year the weather looked pretty unpredictable right up to the last minute when it turned downright nasty.

Motoring down to Lundy was obviously out of the question for at least the first two days.

On Sunday the wind forced us to fish just off the Welsh coast where we found lots of little tope, smallish turbot which we returned dogfish, rays (spotted and small-eyed) and a bass.
Biggest Fish. Roy Hebburn with a 10lb small-eyed ray and Mick Doody had the most species (5).

Monday saw us on the English side of the Bristol Channel where we had a bit of a species competition (under Aly Kat Species Hunt rules), staying fairly close in, away from the worst of the wind and waves where we caught codling, conger, mackerel, grey gurnard, pollack, small tope, poor cod, dogfish pout and a tiny ling. The competition was close run thing, won by Peter Thatcher with three hundred and six points (only seven points in the lead). Brian Masters had the biggest fish with a twenty-five pounds conger and Jim Grant had the most species (8).
Special thanks to Julie for supplying a excellent quiche - agreed by all to be absolutely first class - absolutely splendid.

Tuesday, still with too much wind to attempt Lundy, so we had another Aly Kat species competition. This time there were lots of dogfish, poor cod, tope (including one of about twenty five pounds), pollack, pout, eight triggerfish (including a new club record of 3lb 8oz and two "double shots", a blonde ray, turbot, ling, codling and small-eyed rays.
Competition was close up to the last half hour when Alan Whittaker forged ahead to finish with two hundred and seventy-two points.
Peter Thatcher had the largest fish (30lb conger) and Roy Hebburn had the most species (7).
The special treat for the day was an excellently cooked venison shoulder which was soon demolished - Thanks Dave.
[Report by Jim]

* Aly Kat Species Hunt Rules - Basically every fish counts but the first fish of each species scores twenty-five ponts, the second and third get ten points ant the fourth a great big thitry-five, after the fourth, all fish are wort a miserable two points each onle two points each.

Saturday August 14th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

A surprisingly pleasant day 25+ miles offshore drifting for Bass over the French Bank. Very little wind and sun cream weather which was in stark contrast to the south coast which was deluged! Sand eels were in very short supply but artificials took fish. Not easy fishing but 20 plus were taken the best of 6lb 12 oz falling to newcomer Carl Robinson. We anchored up over the slack and with mackerel in plentiful supply and squid, quite a few Blonde Rays came on board the best of 13lb 12 oz falling to Mick Doody. A surprise 25lb Conger fell to Chris Goddard which had the dubious pleasure of being brought to the surface for a second time after release having somehow managed to get entangled with lines as it neared the bottom. Glen's son Buddy did well in keeping us supplied with Tea which was very welcome as were Mick's Bacon rolls. Most Species Roy Hebburn 5 (a surprise pout caught them out!)
Biggest Fish. Chris Goddard, Conger Eel 25lb. Mick Doody, Blonde Ray 13lb 12oz. Carl Robinson, Bass 6 lb 12 oz (which took the money!)
[Report by Roy]

Wednesday August 4th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

Another long day booked for the pollack and conger on the far wrecks 6 club members and two guests were aboard ready to go before seven o'clock. The guests, Mark and his son Ben, were introduced to our skipper Glen and his son Buddy who was our crewman for the day. The fresh wind meant that we were pushing into a bit of the sea to get to the wreck. The sea only improved a bit as we got further out, but it was quite fishable when we finally got to the wreck. A couple of drifts got us plenty of mackerel, then down went the baits for bream and conger while Buddy took orders for hot drinks. [Buddy] The wind now made life a bit difficult by pushing us from side to side so that we could not get baits settled easily but we did still got a few fish (and lost a few). The congers that were taken included one of 52lb and another of 35lb and some nice pollack also came to the baits. As the tide changed we had a couple of drifts with baits and also artificials but, with the wind and tide now combining to give us impossible conditions, it was decided to run inshore to the banks where we could anchor comfortably. About ninety minutes later we were drifting for more mackerel (for bait and to take home). Twenty minutes saw us with plenty for everyone. Down went the anchor again and this time the target was rays. We did get rays and we did get rain, even Glenn got out his serious wet weather gear.
We ended up with conger to 52lb, blonde rays (there were two weighing 20lb), pollack (some just about double figures), mackerel (of course), scad, a few bream, a cuckoo wrasse, and one tope.
Biggest fish was the conger for Jim, and Peter had the most species (6)
Despite the weather all the members enjoyed the day even if one was a little uncomfortable for a while (but he recovered). Our guests Mark and Ben enjoyed the day and say they will be back again.
Thanks to Glenn (and Buddy) for a great days fishing under trying weather conditions. It would not have been possible without a cat like Valkyrie.
The club has a policy that allows for junior members (no subscription fee required) AS LONG AS THEY FISH UNDER THE SUPERVISION OF A CLOSE RELATIVE, therefore, from now Buddy is a member of GCSAC and we hope to see more of him aboard Valkyrie.
[Report by Jim]

Saturday/Sunday July 31th/August 1st 2010 - Weymouth - Chris Caines

Annual competition against Berkshire and the Barnes brothers.
A great weekend but tinged with sadness at the passing of Tony Barnes in recent weeks. This will now be an annual fixture for the Tony Barnes Memorial Trophy sponsored by Chris Cairns of Tiger Lily. Guildford were again given a lesson in species hunting by the Barnes team who dominated Day 2. Numbers were the name of the game and they had them in abundance. Day 1 individual winner was Mick Doody of Guildford but he fell apart on Day 2! Roy Hebburn was Guldford's top rod on Day 2 but he can't have been using bait on Day 1!! Nine people fished with the overall winner Les Barnes on 413 pts, 2nd Dick Barnes 392 pts. 3rd Mick Doody 366 pts and 4th Roy Hebburn 337 pts. Chris Caines was, as ever, a great skipper and next years competiton, already fixed for Sept 3/4 is eagerly awaited.
Most Species. Day 1, Mick 10. Day 2, Roy 9.Biggest Fish. Day 1 none. Day 2 Roy. Bass 4lb 8oz.
[Report by Roy]

Saturday July 24th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

We started out at seven o'clock start for a day out on the wrecks. We started by having a couple of drifts over some rough ground for mackerel (with a couple trying the sidewinders in case there were any cod on the ground). With the mackerel ready in the box we headed for the first wreck. As the cod had been do elusive recently we just had a couple of drifts to start with and then dropped the anchor for a try with baits. The bream were also a bit scarce but there were plenty of pollack around as well as a few conger. Having anchored twice and fished the wreck from both sides, it was back to drifting with the lures again. This wreck was now getting hungry so it was off to another for a few more drifts and then to finish up a stop at the reef to top up with a few fresh mackerel to take home.
We ended up with conger to 55lb, a nice ling of about 18lb, a good bag of pollack (4-12lb), pout, scad, red gurnard, cuckoo wrasse, dogfish and bream.
Biggest fish was the conger for Mick and Jim had the most species (7)
[Report by Jim]

Thursday July 22nd 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Just two club members aboard but a lovely warm day even if a bit of breeze an a somewhat bit bumpy. Looking for bream we anchored uptide of a well known wreck. There were not a huge number of fish caught and only one of those was a bream. If Steve (our skipper) had not joined in to demonstrate how to do it there would have been considerably less success. Steve managed to boat a conger of about 55lb and a bull huss of around 10lb as well as the only bream. There was another couple of conger (one around 45lb) and a starry smooth hound and two nice bass were also caught. In all the day was more notable for quality than quantity. Mackerel, scad and pout made up the rest of the bag.
As far as the two club members were concerned, the biggest fish was a 45lb conger for Jim and the most species went to Linda (4).
[Report by Jim]

Monday/Tuesday July 5/6 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

Another seven o`clock start for a two-day hour trip over the channel. A bit of wind to start with but some improvement later and the sun came out as well so it was on with the hats and sunscreen in the afternoon. Bacon rolls and then a stop on a bit of rough ground to see if any cod were about (they weren`t) broke the journey. A small wreck produced a couple of pollack then a smaller one saw us with more pollack on the drift and a couple of eels (15lb and 38lb). The last stop was a larger wreck producing more pollack on the artificials. In total the day produced 2 Conger, a dogfish, mackerel, quite a few pout, one scad, and rakes of pollack which were gutted and left on ice.
Then it was into Feycamp overnight (excellent and very reasonable meal).

Up early and continental breakfast, stop at the bread shop for a couple o batons to make our bacon rolls and on the boat just after 7 o`clock. We visited two wrecks Miiiiiiiles apart and had excellent sport on the drift with artificials and anchoring with baits. The weather improved all day and by the time we got to the second one the sea was really flat. Real quality pollack were taking the sidewinders and storm lures and then when we first put in the anchor even bigger ones took conger baits on the bottom. Then they disappeared as the eels started biting although a double figure bull huss put in an appearance. As the tide turned we anchored on the other side of the wreck and had a slow half hour until the eels found us again. Then it was time to head home. Cleaning up and filleting, and packing the two days catch kept us all pretty busy for the long trip home. The day had produced the one bull huss, forty-two eels (25-52lb), ten ling, about 3 trays of quality pollack (many of which were double figure and included one of 15lb 9oz) and of course a number of the inevitable pout and mackerel.
It doesn`t get a lot better!.
[Report by Jim]

Saturday June 26th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

Another seven o`clock start for a twelve hour trip (summer cod and pollack on the distant wrecks). Lovely weather, no wind at all, dead flat calm sea with brilliant sunshine all day and we got Glenn to turn on the generator so that we could use the microwave to produce hot bacon rolls. The trip out was broken up a couple of times . Once for a few drifts over the reef to catch some bait when we managed about a bucket of mackerel. Another little stop to try out our lures over a bit of rough ground was not very successful. Then on to the wrecks. The first couple of wrecks were produced few fish but there was quality if not quantity. Then, approaching slack tide the anchor went in for a bit of conger fishing which was quite successful and then when the tide turned it was back to drifting with the artificials. Another stop at the reef on the way back produced a few fresh mackerel to take home. Back to Hayling, unload the gear and into the Ferryboat for one beer before heading home.
Well what did we catch -
Only three cod, but they were all quality fish, one showing 17lb 2oz on the scales and the other two around the 15lb mark.
Fourteen Conger (25lb - 38lb)
A good number of pollack (up to 14lb 8oz)
Three bass (biggest 3lb 8oz)
and of course mackerel and the usual pout.
Biggest dish was Nick`s conger, Mick and Jim had the most species (6) and Alan won the little wager on the biggest cod of the day.
Oh that all days were as good!.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday June 21st 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

A seven o`clock start saw us heading right offshore to the far wrecks (a lot nearer France than England). We started with a few drifts feathering for mackerel and then swapped over to artificials which picked up a few pollack and a cod. The action was a bit slow so we went off to another smaller wreck about a mile away where we found some ling and more pollack. The third larger wreck again produced ling, pollack and a cod on the drift. As the tide slackened the anchor went in and down went baits, now it was conger and more ling. After the tide turned we re-anchored on the other side and then finished up with a few more drifts with artificials and baits. We ended the day with a nice mixed bag. Most of us found congers ranging between 20lb to 65lb (16 in all). Everybody got pollack (up to 15lb) and pout. Ling (to 20lb), a couple of cod, a whitinq, a red gurnard, and a load of mackerel completed the bag.
Another excellent days fishing on Valkyrie.
Biggest fish was a 65lb (BCC qualifier) conger for one of our two guests, Roland. Mick managed the most species (6).
[Report by Jim]

Sunday June 20th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Cold northerly wind, but quite fishable. Started well with five bream over 2lb, but then it became slow, and despite moving, only the odd bream showed. I was the only one using crab (for bass) hence only I caught wrasse!(2lb 4oz). Tons of pout and mackerel!!. A good day with plenty of fun.
Biggest fish was, a 3lb 12oz bream for Nigel and Roy managed the most species (5).
[Report by Roy]

Saturday/Sunday June 19/20 2010 - British Conger Club Members Championship

Three GCSAC members fished the competition (held this year at POOLE) and entered into All the competitions even though we had to co-opt an additional angler from Manchester to make us up to four for the team event.
The result was a second in the team event (Conger Club tankard for each team member) for the Guildford team and a joint day 2 individual win for Mick Doody. Full details will appear on the BCC website in due course. Photos to follow.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday June 13th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

This was an offshore bass trip so there was no stopping off for bait on the way. Sandeels were dangled over banks and shallow areas and deep bits but the bass were not interested. We persevered all day except for an hour at slack tide but only ended up with four bass between us. Other boats were doing the about the same (including the commercials) and getting similar results. We ended the day with four bass, plenty of mackerel, a few pout and dogfish, a very pretty ballan wrasse which took a sandeel, one tope, one little blonde ray, and a nice pollack.
Biggest fish was a Bass of about five and a half pounds for Dave Ball and Peter Thatcher had the most species by far (7).
[Report by Jim]

Sunday May 30th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

A breezy day but quite fishable inshore and the weatherman`s rain did not turn up.
We started with a couple of drifts for mackerel but they were sparse and so having only caught four we anchored for the bream. The bream were also notably uncooperative to start with even though there were a lot of small pout stealing the baits (and occasionally being hooked). A little less tide and a slight adjustment of location improved matters and everybody ended up with bream to take home. It did get more difficult once the tide turned because with the wind right up the stern the boat it was swinging around a lot. A mackerel taking a bream bait with about 40 minutes fishing time left triggered a flurry of feathering adding over a score of fresh mackerel to the bag. The final tally was about thirty bream, a couple of dogfish, lots of little pout, about thirty mackerel, one smoothhound, a garfish, and 2 wrasse(1cuckoo and one goldsinny.
Biggest Bream (3lb 8oz) was taken by Farooq. Most species (6) went to Mick and the biggest fish was a smoothhound of about four and a half pounds for Jim.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday May 23rd 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

[Cod 22lb 7oz] Right offshore, 12 hour wrecking trip. Lovely day for it, less wind than the forecast force 4 and the sun came out too. About half a dozen cod caught including a fine 22lb 7oz specimen for Linda. Lots of ling (best 19lb 7oz for Nigel) and about a dozen pollack up to 10lb together with the usual pout and dogfish.
Biggest fish was Linda`s Cod and John had the most species (4).
[Report by Jim]

Sunday May 16th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

A bit too much wind to go out to the banks for bass so it was a bit closer inshore for bream and Tope. Most people got bream but only three managed to find a tope. There were also mackerel, dogfish, gar and ballan wrasse.
Biggest fish was Roy`s tope at 33lb and he also managed to nail 5 species and so cleared up on the points and the sweep.
[Report by Jim]

Saturday May 15th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Out for bream and everybody caught some although many were a bit on the small side. We also tried the bass but again although most caught at least one there was only one taken that was sizeable (the other dozen all went back to grow bigger). Dogfish, mackerel, gars, pout, ballan and goldsinny wrasse also showed up. Alan had the most species (7) and also a 1lb 10oz bream which shared the title of biggest fish with Chris` Bass of the same weight.
[Report by Jim]

Thursday May 13th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Sea was flat and the sun was out but a north -east wind meant it was cold. Bream were steady all day with the odd pout. With one hour to go we went after the bass and out of a total catch of 25 , 12 went back, A great day All three club members on the boat had bass , bream and pout with the biggest fish (3lb 5oz) falling to Mick.
[Report by Mick]

Tuesday May 11th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

A long distance 12hr trip to the channel wrecks for Pollack. The weather was just about acceptable but we did get the pollack. Nothing huge but plenty of double figure fish on the artificials, though we did have to work for them. There were also a couple of pout and one nice cod. On the way in a stop for mackerel was also productive. An excellent days fishing.
Biggest fish was a Pollack of about 14lb for Roy and Mick and Jim both had three species,
[Report by Jim]

Sunday May 2nd 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave) and Lynander (Dickie Legget

The first club boat competition of the year - A very early start (5:30) not only gave us the best tide but also avoided the worst of the forecast weather. Due to a few pulling out late in the day there were only eleven club members competing, five on Lynander and six on Jenifers Pride. The sea was flat but after a short while the rain started. The rain was only a real problem for the chairman, who less than sensibly, opted to use only the top half of his survival suit, bad move. Anyway the fish were there to be caught and most people soon caught five Bream (10 points each) with relative ease using squid. Trying alternative baits (worm and mackerel) produced a scattering of other species, mostly in ones and twos, Dogfish, Garfish, Mackerel, Pollack, Pout, Ballan Wrasse and two Blennies (Common and Tompot). Chris led the way on Lynander amassing a total of 126 points but Mick on Jenifers Pride took the day with 148 points and Jim (yours truly) with 128 points also on JP pushed him into third place. The prize for the biggest fish went to Paul with a lovely Bream of 3lb 3oz.
[Report by Jim]

Thursday April 29th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Three members had a day hoping for bream but it was very disappointing. Cold east wind, only 2 Bream caught, Dogs, Pout and a couple of tiny (Goldsinny) Wrasse. Other boats had a similar experience. Most species went to Mick (5) who also got the largest fish (2lb Bream)
[Report by Jim]

Sunday April 25th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Fishing inshore we were hoping for bream, but there were not many feeding and only four were caught. We did get other species as well (Ballan, Cuckoo and Corkwing Wrasse, Pollack, Garfish, Dogfish, Pout and Mackerel). Most species went to Mick (8) and Peter had the biggest fish (A Bream of 2lb 8oz)
[Report by Jim]

Saturday April 24th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

The target was Smoothhounds so we went armed with frozen crab and Glenn supplied hardbacks. Straight on to Utopia. The result was SMOOTHHOUNDS. Everyone caught hounds and there were also dogfish and pout and the first bream of the season. Biggest fish was a 14lb 12oz Starry for Jim and there was a 3-way tie for species - 4 each for Chris, Jim and Roy. An excellent day.
[Report by Jim]

Friday April 23rd 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Another 3-man trip to the deep for the elusive spurdogs. Same as last effort no spurs and this time the whiting very MUCH smaller and the weather was colder. Best fish a pretty average whiting for Jim and a 3 way tie (Mick, Jim, and Chris) for species. Roll on the Bream season.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday April 11th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

The original plan for a long distance pollacking trip had to be changed to general fishing for smoothhounds/spurdogs and rays and then due to a problem with one of the boats engines it was decided to come into calmer water.
We ended up fishing fairly close to the Nab where we caught a number of starry smoothhounds (all male) and dogfish, and one little plaice. Not a brilliant days fishing but when we compared notes with a couple of other crews who had actually fished much further offshore we found that we had had a better day than them.
Biggest fish went to Farooq and Mick D had the most species (3).
[Report by Jim]

Wednesday March 24th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Mick Jim and Peter joined a trip out to the deeper water in search of spurdogs. The weather started out as quite nasty but improved throughout the day. Unfortunately the spurs were not playing and all we ended up with was a number of Pout and dogfish and a few good Whiting. Best fish went to Mick Doody for a large Whiting and all three of us got one of each species.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday March 14th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

At last the start of the pollack. Right out in the channel despite a stiff breeze. Drifting the wrecks all day.
Pollack were there and everyone had them on the artificials. We had plenty of fish to take home. The only other species to turn up was Pout. Biggest fish went to Nigel and only 2 people out of 10 managed to completely avoid the Pout.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday March 7th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Cancelled - Too much wind AGAIN.

Sunday February 21st 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Cancelled - Weather again.

Sunday February 7th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

Not the best days fishing - Not much wind but it was Easterly. There were just a few Pout, Whiting and Dogfish and one small Conger.
Chris had the biggest fish (Conger) and also most species.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday January 24th 2010 - Hayling (Langstone) - Valkyrie (Glenn Cairns)

First trip of the year and at least it was calm and dry and not THAT cold. Nine club members on the boat plus a guest (Len). Glenn warned us that the fish were scarce but we tried a cod mark where the cod did not bite and then, after the best bit of the tide, we moved in a bit for whiting which also were very thin on the ground
We did end up with a few fish - Whiting, Pout, Poorcod, Dogfish, a Thornback and a Conger. Biggest fish was Len`s Conger (18lb), Biggest for a club member was the Thornback of about 5lb for me (Jim) and had most species (4) was shared between Roy and myself.
[Report by Jim]

Sunday January 10th 2010 - Littlehampton - Jenifers Pride (Steve Hipgrave)

Cancelled due to SNOW.
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